Digital Story Telling

I have enjoyed facilitating the production of hundreds of digital stories. These stories can be anything from personal life experiences, documentaries or operational instructions. They range in length from 1 to 15 minutes – some are longer. These stories give the student the skills in literacy and technology and can be shared instantly all over the world through social media.

Digital story telling is a level playing field, where people can have their movies shown and appreciated despite their own specific limitations.

I have worked with a wide range of student such as:-

Day release clients from the mental health unit of the local hospital,

Day release prisoners from jails,

Aboriginal Australians telling their precious life journey,

Culturally diverse immigrants and refugees sharing their own personal experiences,

Illiterate and youths at risk who enjoy the unlimited potential of this creative medium,

The genealogy society to document stories of their loved ones and family history,

Corporate clients such as NPWS who can made short films to promote their nature trail walks,

Seniors who are able to share their stories of their loved ones

Disability students who write stories of interest that can be shared all over the world and reach other people in a similar life situation.

Some short digital stories that I have made …

RIP Keith my brother (12 August 1949 to the 24 October 2012) 2006

The Note 2009 (Canon digital camera)

Street Art Mural 2013 (recorded with iPhone)

Cana 2010 (filmed using a Nokia phone)

Zoe Productive Mayhem 2004 (Sony camera)

Cosy Life 2010 (filmed with iPhone)

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness 2010

Moo Moo and Tiamo 2013 (filmed with iPhone)

Robin Davis Weaving 2013 (filmed with iPhone)

Lyle fund raiser 2012

The Cosy, Sexy and the farm 1999 (filmed with Nokia phone)

Zoe singing a song 2008 (filmed with Nokia phone)

My voice over TV Commercial 2009 (Canon digital camera)







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