Qualified Computer Teacher

I enjoy teaching people to use their computers. The computer is an excellent tool to connect with loved ones from all over the world.


In a fun and relaxed way, I will patiently instruct you to become empowered using your own computer, tablet or smart phone –  and you will soon reap the benefits of cyber space.

One to one training with Zoe at Computers for Seniors is specifically based on what you need and this can save you (and others) frustration and time.

My mother in the mid 1970’s taught me to use accounting machines, before they morphed into computers.

My first computer-teaching job was with Canon in 1980, training accountants and small businesses. In 1986 I moved into recruitment for computer staff and started up my own business Excel Personnel (before Excel the Microsoft spreadsheet)

In 1993 I started teaching classes for TAFE after the birth of my son, and for the next 18 years I specialised in computer literacy.

I completed a BA in Education/Dip Ed in Sydney specialising in Information Technology with a keen interest for those with special needs.

In 1990 I completed my first Yoga teaching diploma where I have learnt skills to inspire, calm and motivate people – I have helped so many people with the concept of “posture is important”

I am the geek who enjoys communicating with computers AND people. In fact people became my speciality.

I work with those challenged by mental health issues, literacy, disabilities, homelessness, long term unemployment, refugees and seniors, children through to corporate clients and small businesses.  I have also been honoured to work with the traditional owners of Australia assisting with digital story telling.

I started  Computer Teacher Sydney in July 2014. My aim is to help people become confident and competent in todays fast digital world.

I have taught small business, seniors and all types of people anything from setting up accounting systems – to creating websites – or simply buying and setting up a new computer.

I have lived in Eastern suburbs bubble since the 80’s.

Zoe at Computer Teacher Sydney can help you to learn to use your computer, smart phone, iPad or Tablet at your pace, place and time – specifically to suit your needs.

Call Zoe on 0407 956 071 to discuss your needs.

Or  email zoe.campbell33@gmail.com or for more information.

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