PC short cut keys

2. Windows key = Start menu
Simply pressing the aforementioned ‘windows key’ opens your menu without the need for minimising already open windows.

3. Ctrl + Z = Undo
Everybody makes mistakes, which is why we have been taught forgiveness. However it seems that the memo never arrived at Windows XP, and frustration can become all-encompassing. It is probably why there are so many broken computer keyboards and screens at the rubbish dump. When an error is made in a Microsoft Office program, simply press Ctrl + Z, and everything will fall back into place.

4. Ctrl + X = Cut, Ctrl + C = Copy, Ctrl + V = Paste
Scrapbooking is innately hardwired into humans. However, the exasperation which can come from using the mouse to cut, copy and paste, with the right click and the left click…oy! Using these shortcuts will take minutes off your Microsoft Office cut, copy and paste duties.

5. Windows key + D = Home
If you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of windows open, or just need to get to your home screen quickly, just press the ‘windows key’ and ‘D’ at the same time. This will put you straight back at your home screen (aka desktop).

6. Ctrl + Mouse = Select numerous items
When deleting a number of files from ‘My Computer’, or moving files, instead of doing it one by one, hold down Ctrl the entire time and click your mouse on each file. Once you have selected every file you want to delete/move, drag them to their destination!

7. Shift + F7 = Thesaurus 
When working in Microsoft Word, it pays to beef up your vocab. By pressing Shift + F7, Word opens the Thesaurus function, which turns the passé word ‘hat’ into ‘sou’wester’ right before your very eyes!

8. Ctrl + F = Find function
A huge timesaver, this function works in most programs made for Windows computers, including web browsers, allowing you to find specific words in documents or on websites.

9. Ctrl + A = Select all
When selecting something large to copy and paste, whether it be off the Internet or in Word, it can be a massive chore. But if you aren’t choosy and want everything on the page to be copied and pasted, simply press Ctrl + A, and it will all be selected, ready to be Ctrl + C’d and Ctrl + V’d (now that you have had the masterclass we expect you to use the lingo).

10. Ctrl + Arrow Keys = Skip words
While in Microsoft Word, instead of using the arrow key to travel through each single word when trying to find a specific place to edit your work, which is time consuming, simply hold down Ctrl and the specific arrow key. This makes the computer skip over full words, allowing you to reach your destination much faster!


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