121 Computer Help

After an initial phone chat with Zoe at Computer Teacher Sydney  you will write down a list of areas you want to specifically focus on in priority order.

Your list can be as simple as what type of computer to buy – to creating an easy to use website. Or you can leave the session open and start from the basics.

Computers have their own form of literacy and working with Zoe a qualified and highly experienced computer teacher you will learn the language and how to write easy to follow operating notes. You will test the notes together to ensure you are fully confident and independent with each task.

At the end of your 2 hour session Zoe will write down some action steps you can take in-between your next catch up to practise what you have learnt.

Zoe can help you with anything you need to know – she has over 30 years experience and has developed skills in many areas. She can even help you with ergonomics!

It is a fact that as soon as our fingers touch the keyboard our breathing shallows and we tense up. Our eyes suffer strain as we are focusing on such a small area,  shoulders can stiffen and before we know it hours have passed and we have been sitting in a scrunched up position feeling stressed and frustrated. Yoga and Computers go well together!

So what can you do?

At Computer Teacher Sydney, you can learn with Zoe how to use your computer without causing any stress or strain on your body and mind. Zoe is also a qualified Yoga Therapist and believes prevention is better than cure.

You can become more efficient – so you don’t spend hours trying to work out how to do something and you can save your kids the hassle of having to “slow down” and show you what you need.

“there has not been one student where I have not heard the penny drop.”

Going to a noisy class setting that is organised around a lesson plan may not be what your needing help with. Often the one help you get in a class situation is very limited.

At Computer Teacher Sydney,  you can learn to make the most out of using technology and become empowered. In a one to one session with Zoe you can concentrate on exactly what you need as everyone is at a different level and group situations have their limitations.

Call Zoe today to learn how Computer Teacher Sydney can help you or email zoe.campbell33@gmail.com


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