Special and Unique needs

I want to make a difference and enhance peoples lives – I thrive on soulful work.

People with special needs can become confident with information at their finger tips using their computer or smart phone.

What you will learn in a 2 hour session is more than you will learn in a 16 week course.

“Zoe is clever and self-motivated, with very strong problem solving skills and the ability to get on and communicate in simple language complex solutions to her customer base” – Karen (Finance Manager)

People are always at different levels in their understanding, or they may just have learning gaps that create frustration when using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

By learning in a relaxed setting you will have success and become motivated to get the most out of your technology.

I am a highly experienced and trained teacher who can easily assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and focus directly on what you need help with most.  I will also help you to  write clear and simple to read operating for reference.

I have taught all types of clients, including those challenged by disabilities, literacy, mental health or behavioural issues, as well as those working in corporate roles – from  beginners to advanced.

Group projects include:-

A group of 11 students from the local disability support service who came to a TAFE classroom twice a week for 3 years – between them they created 90 short films! The class also made a documentary about their work which can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCxajOd8W2I

Mental Health Unit day patients, Aboriginal Lands council, immigrants, seniors, long term unemployed, women out of work, small businesses, low literacy and at youths at risk.Cal

Zoe today on  0407 956 071 or email zoe.campbell33@gmail.com


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