About Zoe

Are you feeling frustrated using your Mac computer, iPad or iPhone? What about the new upgrades to Windows 10 and other  Microsoft products? Maybe Google drives you nuts or is it your new PC computer? Or perhaps your old one is going so slooowwww.

Are you sitting at working feeling less than competent and could do with some Professional Development on your work computer to help you become more efficient?

Perhaps your starting a business and you have the business skills but feel overwhelmed with the technology side of things. You might need a new website, create some flyers, an e-news campaign or create an accounting system?

Maybe the simple things like sending emails, download attachments or files, complete online forms or use a digital camera can trip you up?


Zoe at Computer Coach Australia will come to you and provide one to one computer help specific to your needs. Just write a list in priority of what you need help with and give Zoe a call on 0407 956 071 to make a suitable time.

Learning from a qualified Computer Teacher with 20+ years experience teaching individuals, groups and classes at TAFE & in small businesses  will help you to become confident & motivated to use technology.

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Zoe’s skills in using many different types of software are vast – such as:-

Online banking and forms

Computer basics/Filing


Internet searching

Shop & sell online



Word, PowerPoint, Excel

iMovie, Movie Maker

Apps & downloads



Business Cards

Social Media etc…

Zoe has loads of patience.

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Zoe  coaches computing one to one or for small groups at a convenient location.

About Zoe

Zoe has extensive experience working with many different types of people from all walks of life including executives, professionals, corporate, seniors, and the marginalised in society

Zoe also teaches a group classes in short film making, Photoshop, Basic Computers and Social media to the disadvantaged and unemployed once a week for a charity organisation.

Other sites Zoe owns are:-

Teaching resources

Bondi Yoga Therapy


 Call Zoe today at Computer Teacher Sydney to discuss your needs

on 0407 956 071 or email zoe.campbell33@gmail.com