Tired of checking and registering all these names yourself?

Want to claim your Brand on all of these sites before someone else does?

Then you want our Social Profile Creation Service! Just give us your personal brand, product or business information, and a highly trained Social Media Specialist assigned to you will begin creating up to 300 Social Media Profiles for you, today!

Know em

Since we launched in 2009 the KnowEm team has helped to reserve over 650,000 profiles and reported back to our clients over 50,000 issues of brand squatting and/or misrepresentation of a brand, username or trademarked term. Don’t be one of those companies that get stuck with a different handle on every Social Network – Make your Social Branding consistent, and reserve your name today!

If your first choice isn’t available, don’t despair. Get creative. And it’s okay if your social media usernames are slightly different than your URL. What’s more important is that your usernames are consistent across each network. For instance, the toothbrush subscription company Quip was unable to get the username Quip on social media. So instead, they used GetQuip and kept it consistent across all their social channels.

If your exact username isn’t available, don’t sweat it. Use an alternative like “Companyhq” or “getCompany.” One thing you should avoid is adding numbers, characters, underscores or phrases that have nothing to do with your business. Keep your usernames as simple as possible.



Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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