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How often do you find yourself click off a website or blog because it’s just way too clunky to use? Many sites are far from intuitive and difficult to navigate. A really frustrating one is looking up the cinema, movies and session times. 

An easy to navigate and use website like Air BnB has attracted millions of users worldwide. Compare that site with others in the same biz and you can feel the difference and then know the reason for their fast growing success worldwide. 
Another important consideration with a blog or website is the level of support like time and communication Crazy domains offer excellent and immediate support – they provide domain names, hosting services and lots more –  (you may not need all that’s on offer but they are available to ask) is perfect for the new blogger with there to migrate to to grow your presence. You can easily instal plugins for added pow! Their support is next to none with WordPress experts worldwide available within minutes.

If you own a website or blog ask a friend or call Zoe on 040-795-6071 at Computer Coach Australia to give you some feedback on your sites friendliness and usability. 

Zoe has worked with hundreds of different apps over her 23 years in coaching people to use computers and she has a solid understanding of what’s “user friendly” or not from both consumer, student and a teachers perspective. Designing teaching resources around a confusing program creates confusing resources and confused students with poor outcomes for all.

Government websites can be very clunky and today very inexperienced computer users are expected to navigate around these sites, fill in forms, and work out which tab to click when all too often there is no tab to be found. Sadly these users then blame themselves for not having enough skills and there is no human to call for support.

Quite often simple changes like  de cluttering your landing page and creating clean menu options can make visiting your site a pleasant experience – remember going to a website is like walking into a room.

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Author: Zoe

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