Computers consume time!

Are you interested in how much time you spend on your device? Ever had a $320 and loss of 4 points ticket from the police?

I thought I would test out this app to monitor my time on line – it’s called #BreakFree! There is a free version and you can get the premium for $2.99 

I downloaded the app from the App Store – I have an #iphone – and this was my result after just 3 hours!

Admittedly though I use my phone a lot for business, time recording and I am doing this post to my #wordpress my Zoe Campbell – Computers for Seniors (& Technophobes site)

Maybe I need an #app just for #facebook? The new Market feature in FB is where you can get some cheap bargains – and of course I don’t want to miss out on any messages or birthdays. The temptation to look at the phone is huge! 

If you need help to understand #apps or just how to use your phone – give Zoe a call 0407 956 071 at Computers for Seniors for some one to one help at your pace, place and time.


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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