North Sydney Seniors Expo 

Trent Zimmerman MP organised a much needed Seniors Expo today at the Norths club in Sydney.  Zoe at Computers for Seniors (& Technophobes) was invited to be involved.

The Seniors Expo was a enormous success with over 69 stall holders and over 1,000 people coming through in a space of 4 hours.  Ita Buttrose and Costa were informative, inspiring and fun speakers.

As I often hear from Seniors their fears and frustrations with computers and how the kids and grandkids either dont have time to help or they go too fast.

Teaching is a specialised skill, that’s why the university degree involves 4 years of training. Teaching computers to people who already have the fear they are never going to get it combined with past experience from the unskilled help they have received requires patience, compassion, empathy and loads of experience to be effective.

Zoe at Computers for Seniors (& Technophobes) has been teaching small business owners, seniors and Technophobes to use a wide range of computers, smart phones and technological equipment since 1982 – she is possibly one of the first generation computer teachers in Sydney.

If you need help just write out a list over the next few days of what you struggle with and give Zoe a call 0407 956 071 to discuss your needs. Servicing the Eastern suburbs, inner city and lower north shore of Sydney.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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