Great Apps

There are so many great #apps ( short for applications or programs or even software ) that can help us with our everyday life. And many more coming – I often think of a great idea for one – don’t you?

The Heart app comes with an #iPhone 6 and it’s very useful in letting you know just how far you walk in a day. Before finding this app I was totally unaware and perhaps thought I did more than I did!

Now I have a daily target so I can be fit to fit in all the things I aspire to each day.My limit I want to achieve is 9,000 steps a day which is a little over 4K. Of course I have to have the phone on me while I walk! 

Yesterday manouvering around the #IKEA Tempe store by the end of my day incluu3 laps of #Bondi beach I did over 14,000 steps! So cool to know that I can eat that chocolate cake now! 

No wonder those Norwegian people are so fit !

If you or someone you know needs help to use your phone or anything that attaches to it give Zoe a call today 0407 956 071 for some one to one help at your pace, place and time with Computers for Seniors (& Technophobes) also a great Christmas gift idea!


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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