Another language 

Learning to use a computer is like learning another language and if English is your 2nd language it’s even more difficult.

Zoe at Computers for Seniors was working with Natalia today. She is from Brazil and her husband died recently. He organised the paying of bills and was proficient on the Computer. Natalia is anxious and feels very scared to learn about her computers. She thinks she is too old to learn.

Luckily for Natalia she has a new Mac Book Air and iPhone. She feels less frightened of the iPhone. I taught her to download the bank app onto her phone and how to set up reoccurring payments. Some bank apps are easier than others to use. You’d think banks would be keen to have a Computers for Seniors flyer at their counter!

For one to one Computer Help and tuition  call Zoe at Computer’s for Seniors on 0407 956 071


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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