Update or not?

The new iOS Apple update has arrived – it’s a biggie! Have you done it? Some things have changed – enough for some people to lose their confidence. Microsoft has also released a big update this week.

Zoe at Computers for Seniors today taught Denise how to first back up her iPhone onto her PC via iTunes before running the update. It is good practise to back up your phone. She did not want to sink her emails so if she deletes an email it will still remain on her PC.

Computer skills developed on a needs basis provide the learner with a context to learn from.

If you are needing some 121 Computer Help that specifically targets your needs, write a list and give Zoe a call on 0407 956  071 at Computers for Seniors http://www.computersforseniors.me


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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