Banking online

Zoe at Computers for Seniors helped Adam today learn to pay some bills by Bpay. Adam wanted to pay his Sydney water bill and he was unsure how to do that – he was also concerned about accessing his bank account online for fear of being hacked.

The first thing we had to do was to setup his online banking account. That meant he had to choose a secure password and 4 digit code to attain access and to write this information down incase he couldn’t remember it in the future. Then we went into payments and selected the BPay option and used the reference codes on the bill to set up the new payee.

When the payee was set up he was able to make the payment. There was an option to set up the payment as a recurring or one off. Next time that Adam wants to pay this account he can easily select the payee and make the payment.


There are so many things that people are being encouraged to do online such as  registering your car, the census, booking tickets to connecting with Government departments. Have you noticed that you can rarely find a phone number to call anymore – and if you do it is a recording! Where have all the people gone!

Bank staff are told to encourage their clients do their transactions online. They also suggest you set up your own accounts online and to receive statements online. For people who do not have any computer skills this is distressing to be told to do their banking online as they feel unsure how to use a computer (if they have one) if not unsure of what type of computer to buy, fearful of the security implications and of making a simple mistake.

Last week I needed a new service and the bank teller told me I could just order it online. I then asked him if he wanted to keep his job? I feel for bank employees who are told to tell customers to do their banking online (cost saving)  as a requirement of their job, but if customers do do their banking on line they will lose their jobs anyway – a catch 22.



Author: Zoe

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