Phone scam 

Eddy (84) answered the phone and was told – ” It’s Microsift here your computer has a virus !”He panicked and gave them access to his computer – then his son told him it was a scam!

Before that Eddy was doing really well – each week he writes Zoe from Computers for Seniors a list of what he has found challenging and what he would like to explore next. He goes over his notes and practises what he learns. 

Eddy had been having weekly lessons with Zoe and he was becoming confident until the phone call. But this gave Zoe at Computers for Seniors  the opportunity to provide training in changing passwords. 

Zoe at Computers for Seniors is a qualified & very experienced computer teacher and she is used to clients not creating documents especially on passwords – but in this instance Eddy had his notes and a special little red address book he had been writing  his passwords.

All passwords were changed, virus software was checked and the shortcut was added to the dock. Lucky not too much damage was done and Eddy learnt a good lesson. Imagine if he had not written down his passwords! 

Never give access codes of your computer to someone you don’t know ! If your unsure of the caller ask for their number and say you will call them back.

There are many sites you can check for scam alerts and subscribe – here are a few  that may or may not be helpful


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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