The benefits of using iCloud

Jade (76) has an iMac, iPhone 6+, MacBook Air and iPad. She is a fabulous artist and loves to take and edit photos – however she finds technology confusing and says she has no skills.

Jade called Zoe at Computers for Seniors for some one to one help at her place, pace and time. She told Zoe that she did have some computer help once, but they did not have Teaching skills & experience and were unable to explain what to do in a way Jade could follow. 

Jade wanted to clean up her filing system as she has different files all over the place – in the downloads folder, the desktop, on two backup drives as well as on her iPhone & iPad. She had never connected her iPhone to the iMac and her backup drives were constantly plugged in and a mystery to her.

Jade was unsure how to transfer her files from one device to the other, how to remove duplicates,  rename files or create folders to sort them in.

Jade had a lot more skills than what she gave herself credit for and Zoe listened to her concerns and watched how she used her computer – it was then a simple process to help Jade to fill in any learning gaps by patiently demonstrating, then instructing Jade how to do the work. Together they wrote some easy to follow operating instructions and created an action plan to keep her work organised.

Zoe also explained to Jade and her husband the concept of the cloud and provided information about different file types and sizes for transferring.

Drop box was installed on Jades iMac but she was unsure what it was used for – and she was also struggling with software updates.

Jades husband (84) has two PC’s using Windows 10 and he needed some help to transfer files from his custom written accounting software cashbook across to his new computer.

As the families computers were in different locations in the one building they had been advised they would need two Internet connections – however they still had a very intermittent service downstairs. Zoe showed Jade how to hotspot to her iphone for these times as she has an unlimited data plan on her iPhone and full reception.

At the next visit Zoe will analyse their Comms bill to see if their plans are adequate or over kill. 

Zoe at Computers for Seniors provides a much needed specialised service that empowers people to get the most out of using their technology in a digital world. 

Call Zoe today 0407 956 071 to discuss your needs and visit 

By the way- you don’t have to he a senior to benefit from some Computer Helo 121


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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