How Carla saves on comms bill with Zoe 

Zoe at Computers for Seniors helped Carla purchase an iPhone 6+ at Apple and organise the insurance – followed by a walk down to Telstra to analyse their existing phone bill  to incorporate the new iPhone and data plus save over $100 a month!

There are many seniors ( and even people who are not seniors ) being charged for services they will never use – Zoe helped Carla to understand and provided options and advice re their current internet set up and communications bill – saving hundreds of $ per year! 

In Carlas home they were using an old system and over priced plan for their Internet data – so Zoe helped them choose a plan to suit their needs and organise the installation.

Their internet is much faster, cheaper and more reliable!

Zoe from Computers for Seniors now helps Carla to learn to use her iPhone step by step – writing notes – assigning short action plans to incorporate her new technical skills and acquiring  more skills each into her daily life. 

Give Zoe a call today 0407 956 071 to discuss your needs at Computers for Seniors


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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