New strata laws

The new strata laws will require people to be computer literate. Computer literacy is a learned skill and does not come naturally for everyone. 

Zoe at Computers for Seniors is a trained Computer teacher with over 20 years experience teaching people in small business and those with special needs. 

In our democracy we were not given the opportunity to vote on what will  effect our basic living conditions – however there has been a hotline/call centre set up to help the vulnerable!

 If you or someone you know is not computer literate and may benefit from some one to one computer training at their place, pace and time – call Zoe today 0407 956 071 at Computers for Seniors for computer training and support in the Eastern and inner Sydney suburbs.

One of the changes can seriously affect people who are not comfortable using technology as follows:-

Modern and flexible strata schemes 

The reforms will allow a strata scheme to adopt social media, video and teleconference to hold meetings. Voting will be able to occur electronically and through secret ballots. It will also be possible to distribute papers by email.

The new laws will also give owners corporations more flexibility around when to hold their AGM.

For more information, visit the Scheme management reforms at the following link and see how your life might be changing.


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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