Sony Xperia Tablet

The Sony Xperia Tablet  is a neat little computer Zoe at Computers for Seniors worked on today with Ted. Ted is retired and needed one to one help at his pace, place and time. 

The task was to transfer the old lap top data and services over to the new Sony Xperia Tablet. Ted was saved hours of frustration when his wife called up Zoe – a highly qualified and experienced Computer teacher to come in and help.

First I showed Ted how to connect to his wireless internet after he found the password, then we added his email account into Windows mail.

Of course it didn’t work as he needed to use the pop3 option and I am discovering how Windows mail doesn’t work well with server accounts,  BigPond or Optus.

So Ted signed up for the free month trial of Microsoft Office 365 and I added his two email addresses ( after he retrieved his lost password ) so he could use Microsoft Outlook – which added his two new email accounts seamlessly 

I think  the Sony Xperia Tablet is a compact and solid little machine, it was just the Windows mail module that had let it down  – I look forward to hearing of its performance.

If you or someone you know whether in business or starting up a business or retired need some one to one computer tuition, then give Zoe a call at Computers for Seniors on 0407 956 071


Author: Zoe

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