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Why Can’t I Share a Post to my Page

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I am trying to share a friend’s post to my Page (I am the admin; she has liked the page) and after proceeding through the proper steps, it says “The message could not be posted to this Timeline.” What is going on with this?
Asked about 7 months ago by Jennifer Painter Beillon
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    • Jane Costello 3 answers

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      Its about time the corporation who CAUSE all these glitches posted an answer here FACEBOOK ! Instead of all of us going around and around getting more frustrated ! A facebook tech could answwer ALL the issues so WHERE are they hiding !?? NOT happy. had this issues for months now NO answers
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      • Jane Costello, I so agree, I am fed up with all the problems with the pages and Facebook not fixing it, it takes me now ages to do something that used to take 5 minutes just to promote some music and share photos.

        Posted about 2 weeks ago by Tia Murrell

      • I agree, COME ON FACEBOOK FIX THE PROBLEM. !!!!!!!

        Posted about 2 weeks ago by Gail Argent

      • Agreed. Same problem and no answers. I don’t want to cut and paste as it cuts out statistics and is far too time-consuming. It’s be awesome to get an answer. 🙂

        Posted about a week ago by Donna Sue Robson


        Posted 21 hours ago by Lucy Taylor

      • I agree – very frustrating – why is this happening – glad to hear you are also finding it an issue and its not a simple thing i have clicked on

        Posted 2 seconds ago by Zoe Campbell

    • Jane Costello 3 answers

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      WE WANT A FACEBOOK TECH TO ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION ! ENOUGH of all of us going in circles Zuckernerg you ‘ve made billions and you can’t spare ONE Techincal person to answer the questions that people find ANNOYING and frustrating on the uuse of your behemoth messaging service ?
      • What I did is redownload Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 and it all works now

        Posted about a month ago by Tom A Borgia

      • Thank you, I will try that !!

        Posted about a month ago by April Bledsoe

      • No idea how to do that and a on Windows 8.1. Need another solution. Can’t FB just fix the glitch- it seems to be common.

        Posted about a week ago by Donna Sue Robson

    • Manja Warner 1 answer.

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      I cannot share a post on my personal fb page to my business page. It’s very frustrating having to run around in circles in an attempt to do something that should be very simple and intuitive. Grrr fb!
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      • Actually its in the top of the feed in the opening box where it says to post a picture or video. Rite hand side and I get a tiny box w my business page picture and a little triangle shape not three dots. Sorry!

        Posted about a month ago by Clair Marie Kelly

      • I can still share posts but only from my Sony phone my Apple iPad no longer lets me share any more since I updated it

        Posted about a month ago by Dianne Lee- Smith

      • I can’t share at all.

        Posted about a week ago by Donna Sue Robson

      • I am having this problem now. Thank you for posting your thoughts. I don’t understand this. I’m trying to post from my personal page to my business page. Says it cannot be done when previously I did this. What is the problem? Very frustrating, to say the least.

        Posted on Monday by Helene Marie Thian

    • Jane Costello 3 answers

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      FACEBOOK technical and customer service SUCKS ! You could solve this in ONE Post but you prefer to watch us going around in circles. Pathetic mean spirited NERDS !!
      • Have you ever thought that they just don’t know what the hell they’re doing.

        Posted about a month ago by Kevin Cooper

      • I think Facebook has become gargantuan and they DON’T CARE !

        Posted about a month ago by Jane Costello

      • The answer is that you need to change the post to public from friends only before you can share to a public page. worked for me.

        Posted about a week ago by Thomas Lester McKibbin


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