Honesty,  Perception & Technology 

15 years ago while I was working as TAFE technology teacher we had a professional development session about the future in regards to technology. It was fascinating and totally correct in regards to what has transpired. How powerful is social media and the Internet as we can communicate with each other and share information. More skills can be required to ascertain if what is being shared is correct as it would be foolish to believe everything that appears – however another enlightening fact is there are more good/honest people on this planet than dishonest as can be seen in Wikipedia the length of time it takes for incorrect data to be corrected – run by the people for the people – again perception depends on the tilt of the head of the perceiver.Need to upskill with technology issues? Give Zoe a call 0407956071 for computer tuition and be heard http://www.computersforseniors.me



Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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