Computer Tuition

So much today requires skills in technology – to pay a bill online – book a ticket – add credit to your transport cards –  use a smart phone or the GPS.

Skype, email, Internet, typing – I rarely see a typewriter these days it’s all on that computer.

I am teaching Photoshop, Short Film making and Social media to disadvantaged people in a group setting.

I also offer one to one training, at your office or a convenient location.

This week I helped a teacher to bring technology into her lessons to engage students more – they loved it and the class was a success.

Last week I helped an 85 year young lady do her grocery shopping on line with Harris farm.

My computer teaching experience started in 1982 working for Canon teaching the first generation of personal computers accounting and small business applications.

I love troubleshooting and solving clients problems and making using a computer fun & rewarding.

Give me  a call on 0407956071  to discuss your needs for some Computer tuition with Zoe at  – I look forward to hearing from you!



Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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