Windows 10 struggles 

Struggling with Windows 10 receiving mail? 

Last week I had a client using Optus only to find out Windows 10 Mail service doesn’t work well with Optus – she was told to use Webmail.

Today I had a client who was having problems with Windows 10 so he bought a new computer because the sales person said that would fix his problems.

My client is born in 1930 a Dr very intelligent, patient and friendly.

Today he asked me over to help with his email – he wasn’t receiving emails he had told had been sent. So I sent him one from my gmail on my iPhone. He was right he was not receiving  emails.

So we went to big pond email on my phone – because it took so long to load up on his new PC – it took a while to work out his winning password combination – but finally I was into his webmail and there were the missing emails.

Eventually we found the hidden BigPond support phone no and after making several selections using voice recognition we were at the elevator music.

Then we were transferred to a service person who was based in a non English language country and we supplied his email adress – home address – home phone no then mobile phone no.

I explained the issue and the service person told us he would transfer us to another rep who could help.

She then asked us all the same questions re email address and phone numbers and what is the problem. She wanted to take over the screen via team viewer.

I explained the issue and she asked me to please hold – she came back on the line and waa asking questions about the webmail – when I interjected to ask -does  BigPond work with outlook on Windows 10? She said no it doesn’t work well and we should down load Windows live mail.

Why didn’t they just say that in the first instance? 

Why does Microsoft Windows 10 still have problems? 

Need help? Call Zoe on 0407 956 071 at Computers for Seniors & Technophobes 


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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