Password tip

There are many challenges in helping seniors & technophobes to set up a password.

Left to their own resources they can fear the computer doesn’t like them or they may have missed the boat ( & they tell me the young people go so fast ) 
…interestingly most sites do not tell you what they want they only let you know each time you got it WRONG

If they manage to create a suitable combination password that gets accepted they are left so exhausted, frustrated and confused that they don’t want to put in any recovery information or commonly they don’t have another email account address or a mobile phone no to offer

If they have managed to get this far then the fun begins when they realise they didn’t write down the password and user name or they cant remember where they wrote it down 😉

Often they ask me why is it so confusing? 

Why does it keep saying I’ve got it wrong?

What does it want now! 

With gentle & skilled teaching & encouragement the new computer user can be guided to set up a password painlessly without taking it as a sign they will never “get it”

You can save frustrating your parents by giving Zoe a call 0407 956 071 to organise a 121 computer class (or two) at your pace, place & time.

Computers for Seniors (& Technophobes) 


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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