Congratulations – lucky winner

Congratulations you are todays lucky winner! Have you received one of these notifications?

You could win an iPhone 6 or an iPad…. then you are asked questions.


Your name, date of birth and email address.

Then more questions your address and on it goes.

How to spot a free iPad scam

A recent scam from Australia Post – looks legit but read on…

Avoiding lucky winner scams

Youtube video scam in progress

telemarketing trick

microsoft scam trick

western union scam

nigerian scam

Indian phone scammers pose to be microsoft

pc virus phone scam

Scam email warning

16 July 2015

Australia Post is aware that there are currently multiple scam emails that have started circulating in the past few days and are working to stop them as quickly as possible.

Some examples of the email addresses are below:

  • track24@toolbusinessemail[.]com
  • *@auspost-delivery[.]net
  • info@austpost[.]biz
  • info@aust-post[.]org
  • support@aust-post[.]org
  • afp-notice24@deliverymailservice[.]com

Australia Post does not request customers to remit a payment for parcel collection, charge customers to hold a parcel, nor does it ask to reconfirm your address by clicking on a link.

What you should do

Find out more about online security, scams and frauds and how you can help protect yourself in future.

Contact Zoe on 0407 956 071 at Computers for Seniors to discuss your computer training needs or email



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