Lo-giz-o-mech-a-no-phobia * cyberphobia * technophobia


 Technology anxiety exists!

Technology anxiety & phobias (just like maths!) are real & can decrease your ability to learn & get the most out of your Computer, iPad, Tablet or Smart phone. Studies show as soon as our fingers touch the keyboard our breathing shallows. This adds to physical stress in your eyes, neck, jaw, shoulders, wrists and elbows creating a lack of mindfulness & ability to absorb & retain info more…..

Have your “digital natives” – children or grand children 🙂 displayed impatience when showing you how to do things on the computer? Does this make you feel even more out of touch & doomed to never be able to get on top of it?

I can patiently and calmly teach you simple skills that will empower you!

At your pace, place and time I can gently guide you to become confident using your technology.

I can show u how technology can become your best friend & work for you just like you want it 2 more….

Computers Phobias and Yoga (Logizomechanophobia) http://t.co/MzfCN1brHd via @wordpressdotcom


Author: Zoe

Computer Coach - Social Media Management - Workshops - Radio

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