Ten top keyboard shortcuts

Drew Patchell

According to a study conducted by Google, nine in 10 people don’t know or understand how to use keyboard shortcuts. Drew shares his top ten keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac which are guaranteed to save you hours.


1. Windows key + E = My computer
Easily the best. Simply press the ‘windows key’ (shown to the right) and ‘E’ together, and ‘My Computer’ will open up, allowing you to navigate through your documents without minimising any of your open windows, or searching through shortcuts or start menus more…


MAC – Apple 

1. Switcheroo
Most people cite Apple’s ‘dock’ as one of the most unique and amazing yet frustrating features of the Apple Mac. Screens are minimised and can sometimes disappear, as well as the cluttered dock often leading to application confusion. Pressing Command + Tab is similar to pressing Alt + Tab on the PC, and will allow you to have a view of all the applications you have opened. This shortcut makes navigation a breeze and will lead to much less confusion when opening many windows more…


Author: Zoe

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